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Seaside Resort Vung Tau

Situated on the most beautiful coastline of Vung Tau, Tran Phu Boulevard, Seaside Resort ideally having a great Feng Shui position “ Back Lying on Moutain and Front Facing Ocean”. This natural posture is believed to bring good luck, whealth and happiness to residents.  Once guests arrive in Seaside Resort, all fatigues of a long route disappeared and rapidly overcomed by the good feeling of serenity, relaxation and comfort .

Under the shadow of palm trees ranks , red stone paved trail leads steps of enchanted guests into a tropical garden magnificently colored by special collection of flowers and tree species. Among them figure some rare red barringtonia or hundred years old Tea tree. Besides, fresh air and cool weather coming from the pristine moutain’s forest make Seaside Resort become a miniature pure, romantic and charming Dalat in full heart of Vung Tau coastal city.


Built on the concept of “ Urban Resort”, Seaside possesses a perfect peaceful space in plain nature helping guests to relax and enjoy a real dreamy holiday, far away from the regular hustle and bustle daily life. Gather together with your loveds one around the pool bar,  sipping festive cocktails amongst the chatter and taking swim session to unwind your mind. How fantastic moment ! But also, the site features its “down on earth” side by giving guests a chance to indulge in playful nightlife of Vung Tau. Discover its mysteries by yourself 

Seaside Resort gives guests opportunity to reach new height of classy lifestyle “ Seafront – living ”. Grandiose investment for a second residence on seacoast is not necessary. At Seaside Resort, you can live a rich man’s life at a moderate price : feel at home in one of these luxurious Hotel or Villa Room and all services are on your fintertips as you are master of this sumptuous place.

Sophisticated architectural design combined with its unique natural eco-system and marvellous landsapes create special characters and a very own charm for Seaside Resort.  From the room’s balcony,  indulge your senses and inspire your mind by the pittoresque nature’s beauty , the fresh scent of ocean breath and the magnificent “sun, sand, sea” holiday.  

Along with modern commodities and facilities, impeccable service, a funny and exciting entertainment schedule will certainly make your vacation more alive and memorable.

In the Morning , lazy sunbath on lounge-chairs around the pool or take a short swim session will vivify and revitalize your energy. The bartender is always at your service to quench your thirst with his cold and fresh Sea Lion bar’s Cocktail Collection.

In the afternoon,  walk down to Vuon Pho restaurant to enjoy delicious fresh seafoods and Head-chef’s tasting Signature Menu : Seaweed Rolls with Flying Fish ‘s Eggs, Seaside Snakehead Fish Spring Rolls, Seaside Grilled Pork Shanks,Crab Hot Pot ...

At tea time, sitting leisurely at Seaside Café, sip a warm cup of intense fragant Coffee accompanied with freshly home-made cookies or stunning desserts . Try our best-seller : Sweet Tiramisu – the cake of Love which brings you love but one thing for sure : it will make you love it first . Watch over window, the splendid and glorious sunset on the sea shows you how gorgeous the nature is.

Last but not least, fiesta awaits to cheer you up in the evening. The reserved Terrace with sea view , illuminated VIP rooms or sumptuous À la carte hall ... are ideal venues to light-up your Summer Parties or Special Events.

Seaside Resort not only brings you a service. Moreover, Seaside gives you chance to experience thing we call “ A perfect vacation” 

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